Eureka - Real Assets applies a disciplined investment approach, which coupled with the experience and expertise of its local investment professionals is designed to provide a robust platform for investment decision making. Integral to Eureka - Real Assets' process is the identification, quantification and evaluation of risk.

Eureka - Real Assets has a strong corporate governance culture which is supported by appropriate policies, procedures and systems and an independent compliance committee. The Compliance Committee reports to Eureka - Real Assets' board and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as appropriate.

Research is integral to developing fund strategy and all investment decisions. It supports these key areas through rigorous analyses of relevant real estate markets. Eureka - Real Assets' research adopts both top down (broader market and economic issues) and bottom up (assets and submarket issue) approaches, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the wider Eureka - Real Assets investment team.

Eureka - Real Assets has a strong commitment to ESG and responsible investment. Eureka - Real Assets is an active member of the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) through its involvement on the Management Committee and the Low Carbon Financing Committee.

Eureka - Real Assets is a signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and, in doing so, joined with other institutional investors and managers globally in committing to the six principles for responsible investment namely:

  • To incorporate environmental social governance (ESG) issues in investment analysis;
  • To incorporate ESG issues in ownership policies and practices;
  • To seek disclosure on ESG issues with parties with whom we invest;
  • To promote implementation of the ESG principles;
  • To collaborate widely to enhance the implementation of the principles; and
  • To report on our activities and our progress.

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Eureka - Real Assets applies a disciplined investment approach which is designed to provide a robust platform for investment decision making Eureka Funds Management yellow Triangle
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